261 central investment projects progressing smoothly

days ago, the reporter learned from the provincial water resources department, in 2016 the province plans to complete the whole society of water conservancy investment 7 billion yuan, an increase of 6% compared to 2015. As of October 10th, the province implemented a total of 2016 yuan invested in various types of water for the year 6 billion 470 million, accounting for the provincial government to determine the objectives and tasks of the construction progress of the previous year increased by 8% in.

the central government investment in our province’s water conservancy projects a total of 12 categories, 261, issued 3 billion 305 million yuan of investment, as of October 10th, the province issued investment plans have been completely decomposed, has 3 billion 252 million yuan of funds in place, has started 222, the operating rate of 85%. These projects involve large and medium-sized irrigation districts, storage gorge, the main tributaries of governance, soil and water conservation project.

according to the Provincial Department of water resources planning and design department director Zhang Entao, the current situation of the province’s water conservancy construction by analysis and assessment, is expected by the end of this year to implement water conservancy investment of about 7 billion yuan, in addition to the completion of 50% gorge hydro storage, other items can be fully completed major water conservancy project central investment completion rate is above 90%, the other like rural drinking water safety, small rivers, rivers and lakes connectivity project, water resources protection, small-scale irrigation and water conservancy construction, flood disaster prevention of water conservancy project such as the central investment rate of more than 80% of the annual target task, and ensure the construction of yindajihuang West trunk, Huangshui north trunk canal of poverty alleviation irrigation project two, and strive to start construction Nalinggele river water conservancy project.


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