Provincial government held a special session of the CPPCC

7 26, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC held a special meeting, around the "13th Five-Year" planning consultation smoothly. Governor Hao Peng attended the meeting, the chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee presided over the meeting.

Zhang Guangrong, Zhang Jianmin,, Cheng Lihua, Han Jianhua, and Yang Fengchun attended the meeting in

. Wang Xiaoqing, Luo Zhaoyang, Bao Yizhi, Ma Zhiwei, Li Xuansheng, Zhang Shoucheng and Ji Renfeng combined with the previous research, from the supply side to promote structural reforms to stimulate motivation, stabilize the Qinghai Industrial Park growth of basic industries, promote technological innovation and cultural development, ready to be relocated out of poverty, the inheritance and protection of intangible cultural heritage of ethnic minorities, stabilize the prices of vegetables, the deepening of enterprise the reform made a statement, suggestions for our province "13th Five-Year" the smooth implementation of the plan is put forward.

after listening to the speeches, Hao Peng said that this consultation for further analyzing the situation, analyze problems, build consensus, strengthen confidence, concerted efforts to promote the "13th Five-Year" plan to complete the task is very important. The smooth implementation of the provincial CPPCC members of leading comrades around the "13th Five-Year plan", in the original judgment, rational thinking, honest attitude and fruitful research, made a very good opinions and suggestions, provide a useful reference for the work of the government, fully reflects the provincial CPPCC around the central task of the political consciousness, reflects the in politics, democratic consultation responsibility, reflects the work of the government’s strong support and sincere help. Hao Peng said, the government to listen to the CPPCC put forward opinions and suggestions, is an important form to accept the democratic supervision, provincial government departments to the negotiation will put forward opinions and suggestions zhaodanquanshou, attach great importance to the "13th Five-Year" planning and execution, seriously organizes, in-depth research, detailed tasks, set up accounts, a problem a problem to implement, Hao Peng sincerely hope that the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference on the work of the government to give more understanding, support and help. The major problem of Hao Peng also further promote the supply side structural reforms, determined to win the battle of poverty and try our best to strengthen ecological and environmental protection, infrastructure, efforts to make up the short board, continue to deepen the reform of key areas to protect and improve people’s livelihood, "13th Five-Year" during the talk of views.

Ren Qing Jia presided over the meeting said, according to the central and provincial Party Committee on strengthening the strategic deployment of socialist deliberative democracy construction, the provincial government and the provincial CPPCC exploration to build a high level consultation platform, focus on major issues concerning economic and social development of the province’s special consultation, get a lot of attention and affirmation. The innovative practice of deliberative democracy, reflects the government of equal consultation, solicit advice and democratic decision-making style, inspired by the CPPCC to perform their duties enthusiasm, enrich the CPPCC consultation form, is to uphold and improve in practice.


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