Each community to make up 100 thousand old residential transformation

Each community grants 100 thousand yuan, while the community household property fee subsidies, this year, the municipal finance according to the municipal government to build a civilized and harmonious, good living environment, improve the quality of life of the masses of the work requirements, to actively raise funds 21 million 100 thousand yuan, fully support the city’s old residential property full coverage of the project, so many before the old district management not only property management, property services and facilities within the district more perfect, residents happiness index increased.The property of

the old residential area full coverage, in 2013 the city’s implementation of a key livelihood projects, as of now, the city’s total of 669 4 million 920 thousand square meters of old residential areas have been included in the property management. During the implementation of the project, the city finance actively raise funds, each community property service center according to the standard 60 thousand yuan a total of 5 million 580 thousand yuan subsidy, District matching funds according to each community property service center 40 thousand yuan total subsidy of 3 million 720 thousand yuan, support of old residential areas to implement the full coverage of property projects, in addition to these old residential residents within the district also the property fee subsidy.

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