Central Plaza North to promote the demolition of high speed

figure for excavators are three elm Hotel demolition. Chen Yushe

the afternoon of October 18th, accompanied by a rumbling roar, five large excavators on the Yangtze River Road, Sanyu Hotel centralized demolition. This is the Central Plaza North expansion project demolition and a larger area of the demolition, marking the Central Plaza North expansion project demolition to achieve new progress.

resettlement after the relocation of the masses moved to ease

to promote the relocation of resettlement, to protect the demolition, resettlement heavier than the demolition has been the Central Plaza North expansion project demolition adhere to the concept of work. According to the characteristics of North expansion project demolition without movements, the city district government and relevant departments chose Kunlun Wenfeng road Tsui district court, Nanchuan district two road Ruihua Xianfang placement, as well as the Lake District Lake City a forward delivery housing settlements, do first placement demolition. The reporter understands, the Lake District Lake Star City 4 buildings for high-rise residential buildings have been placed in September successfully completed, pending the completion of the interior decoration project, will invite Street representatives to come to visit, let the resettlement households satisfaction.

four grid opened a new situation

to make the demolition work more standardized and institutionalized, legalized and refined, the city district government established the central square of the North expansion command – county leading the pack – level cadres into the group – staff into the network of "four level" work grid, grid operation, "group" push "dynamic" management mechanism. To further improve the demolition work management system, work system, inverted point mechanism, work method, implementation of each demolition project objectives and tasks to quantify each node refinement to each of the processes, specific to each individual.

understanding of the achievements of the future support

up to now, the central square of the North expansion project demolition work has been signed public private resettlement compensation agreement of 563, a total area of about 113 thousand and 900 square meters. Has been demolished 76 public and private production, with a total area of about 60 thousand square meters, the Central Plaza North expansion project demolition work is fast, Shunda, and steadily push forward. Speaking of these, the headquarters of the office staff said, all of which can not be separated from the majority of the understanding and support of the owners, their selfless love for the city, the center of the square will be expanded after the bright future.


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