mprove the way to do a good job in the media reflect

For the continuous upgrading of the media reflect matters for the work of the level, the long-term mechanism of the municipal government office requires the establishment of full acceptance, management, reply, efforts to explore the transfer of the media and the masses recognized with Xining characteristics reflect the media matters for the work path.

A with a "love" word, as to do their own things, research methods and measures of improving the quality of management, and constantly improve the management level. Two is to highlight a "real" word, we must strictly examine the customs clearance, in the process of answering and solving problems, seeking truth from facts, less Mandarin, with the masses recognized, do not hide, do not evade. The three is focusing on a "real" word, considering and the establishment of on-site supervision mechanism of fund performance, the contractor issues unit has gone and reply, especially the hot issues of common concern and the masses reflect many times, check through unannounced visits to the site, home visits and other methods, ensure that the handling of work carried out. The four is to achieve a long word, and resolutely put an end to the mechanical passive management, the establishment of long-term management mechanism.

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