Oil road was restored to traffic

April 1st from the Provincial Department of transportation was informed that, as at 18:40 on March 31st, due to the temporary closure of the oil Tibet highway to Xining and Tibet have been restored to traffic. Currently, the Provincial Department of transportation is investigating the oil pollution highway incident, the provincial highway law enforcement corps and Xining Criminal Investigation Detachment has also arranged for staff, the source of the vehicle to escape the accident to carry out full tracking.

on March 31st at 3:51 in the morning, high-speed Beijing Tibet from Xining to the direction of peace K1804 km road accident, the rhyme ieguchi, high-speed traffic police detachment Brigade Road police scene investigation found that Xining people and the direction of 65 km road pavement is unknown oil pollution, resulting in Road 5 bursts of traffic accidents, serious impact on traffic safety. In order to protect the safety, the Provincial Department of transportation on the day of 6 when the oil pollution to the people of Xining and the direction of the implementation of the highway phased closure. Immediately, the Ministry of transportation, high-speed traffic police detachment and other departments immediately launched the emergency plan, the Provincial Communications Department from Huangyuan, Haidong highway maintenance department, Xining south highway project department, deployed a total staff of more than 480 people, 2 loaders, dump truck 5 vehicles, construction of double car 12, car 3 a charge of pollution pavement disposal work; high-speed traffic police detachment one or two brigade, five or six high-speed traffic police to mobilize all police responsible for the highway entrance closed section of the traffic away and persuaded to return to work.

by the efforts of the high-speed Beijing Tibet from Ledu to the people and restore traffic at 13:40 on March 31st; and in the period of peace to the people of Xining to open again at 14:20; 15:30 in the rhyme ieguchi road traffic recovery; rhyme ieguchi to peace on the same day at 18:40 to restore traffic road.  

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