After the summer vacation life so that Xining tourism warming

The end of the summer, because many of the children in Xining city during the summer vacation busy in various classes and missed the summer vacation time to relax, many parents will choose in the end of the summer when traveling with children, so many children in Xining city "after the summer vacation".

was originally a summer vacation time to relax, but the streets of Xining city are still visible back schoolbag, carrying instruments to participate in a variety of classes of children, summer will do, these classes have ended, many parents feel the summer children cannot rest, then take advantage of the summer with a few days, have with the the children travel. This year on the fifth grade small Wan is very excited, she said: "most of my summer vacation every day crowded bus to learn erhu, erhu class last Sunday at the end of this week, my parents plan to take me to Suzhou to play, I thought this summer to soak in the erhu class, did not think of can go out to play, so happy ah!"

as far as I know, many children in the last days of summer outings called "after the summer vacation, Xiao Wan told reporters, many of her classmates and friends are learning the learning that during the summer, when summer will do, but also their parents have brought them to travel, to the" after the summer vacation. "Let the children relax. (author: Zhang Qian)


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