More than 3000 sets of public rental housing will be distributed

according to the construction of affordable housing in recent years, this year, the city entered the peak year of public rental distribution. From June to start the pilot allocation of public rental housing in 2015, is expected to be open to the public this year, more than 3000 sets of public rental housing, mainly in the East District, the city district and the north of the city. This reporter learned from the city housing security and Housing Authority in July 15th.
– more than 6700 households to apply for public rental housing into the waiting city according to the introduction, this year the first batch of housing allocation has comb, has now entered the countdown Yaohao allocation. According to the work arrangements, previously, the city’s real estate sector has asked the district to apply for public rental housing in the region of the case of self-examination and spot checks, and the scoring of publicity. According to the publicity and sort out, at present, the city’s public rental housing for households to apply for a library of more than 6700 households, but also did not enter the library is waiting to apply for the application object of more than two thousand households.
– for additional priority according to the special mass fraction of publicity and the District Library waiting, waiting in our city this year according to the scoring rules, by sorting the applications in scoring, scoring in addition to basic components, considering the actual application object of housing problems, housing tenants and the introduction of foreign talent of some major diseases such as illness, the elderly and other special groups in the scores by additional priority.
– for the voluntary choice of low rent housing and public rental housing area with two rooms merger work requirements, the city actively adjust the pilot allocation procedure, and the number of listings released ahead of distribution location, overall arrangement of houses, adhere to the "voluntary application object selection" principle, in accordance with the scoring sequence Yaohao, to maximize the convenience of the application object living and living.
– low rent housing security will no longer have the form according to the introduction, with the gradual implementation of the two merged operations, the low rent housing in low-income housing will no longer have the type, the type of all the categories of low-income housing is public housing, is conducive to the efficient use of existing resources, scientific and rational allocation of public rental housing.
– completed listings for social allocation to the allocation of public rental intensive arrangement in the second half of this month, the first batch of distribution after the second batch is expected at the end of August, after gradually introduced in batches. According to the public rental housing construction and housing situation, the real estate sector will be actively combing, as far as possible to the completion of all of the housing allocation for the community, so that more housing difficulties;

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