Five methods to teach you how to open a restaurant the whole

restaurant, has been in our lives, has been very popular consumer favorite dining options. So, how to open a restaurant of their own? Next, let Xiaobian to give you an analysis:

means: membership

there are a lot of restaurants each individual card packs carry in the membership card. These cards are in the store to reach a certain amount of consumption, the store in order to attract repeat customers to give him a discount card, the next time to go to dinner, you can rely on this card to play 5% off, the most affordable can hit up to 20 percent off. There are restaurant customer commitment to a certain amount of consumption can play a low discount, or discount and bonus points, points can change or gift vouchers etc.. This card can attract repeat customers, and secondly, can stimulate customers to spend more, because the higher the amount of consumption, enjoy the higher the discount.

two means: every day a special offer food

he decided to do so after the restaurant, launched a discount food every day. And rushed to the special dishes to the customer into the store, certainly not only a special dish, and then some other dishes can be leveling.

three means: the dishes

four means: the optimization of resources, reduce the cost of

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