KFC to create beauty the whole Chinese

along with the strength of all aspects of China’s ascension, China’s international status has become increasingly prominent, more foreigners are willing to come to China to learn Chinese folk culture, see even KFC is taking the road of Chinese wind.

with the development of society and improve the level of material, the traditional folk art in the young people now have a new design and new aesthetic performance, at the same time, some of the intangible cultural heritage is to be used in modern ways to present and inheritance. Adhering to the "based on Chinese, into life" concept, 2017 years Kentucky chicken Zaiduofali, salute the Chinese traditional support cultural heritage, folk art and modern aesthetic combination of creative upgrade in the country with more than and 20 kinds of folk art will be the more than and 100 restaurant decoration of a new, different folk art form of expression of a variety of chicken image. Meaning chicken year auspicious, so called "Kyrgyzstan hundred chickens".

Kentucky to create "Xiang Restaurant to pay tribute to the tradition to explore the beauty of Chinese

in Hunan, Kentucky to create special embroidery theme restaurant, a tribute to the unique characteristics of the intangible cultural heritage, in addition to layout in the shop a new decoration, also carry out creative folk art exhibition, let more people understand the beauty of china. At the beginning of the new year, Changsha Kentucky joint embroidery Institute, invited embroidery master theme restaurants teach foreign students embroidery "100 Ji Tu" gift of the year of the rooster, spread Chinese Hunan folk art power.

Changsha: foreign students experience the traditional culture of Hunan embroidery

1 15 in the morning, in the Changsha Appollo Commercial Plaza Kentucky embroidery theme restaurant, 10 foreign students dressed in costume, dress and flash, are located in a beautiful big rack, which took Qianqian jade colorful silk thread, began to have a distinctive flavour foreign student embroidery class. Good color value, exquisite embroidery, attracted many people’s attention to. Another piece of embroider before, a few enthusiastic people with interest in learning to join.

"pretty elegant to stitch embroidery set, China intertwined with broad and profound culture, classical aesthetics and traditional culture show in front of everyone’s eyes, good mother embroidered with ingenuity and fine embroidery, to give play to the traditional embroidery needle, needle mixed edge effect in Spiraea split wire should follow the fine adjustment bright embroidery standard." As one of the teachers of this event, Hunan embroidery heritage people Tian Rong is seriously guidance of this special group of students.

according to the introduction, in the Hunan class of students from the United States, Zambia, Pakistan and other countries. "Hunan is so fascinating! A little sewing can embroider beautiful pattern, it is too difficult to learn!" American student Peter told reporters, because of his love Chinese culture came to Changsha study, this activity let him zero experience to embroidery crafts, further feel the Huxiang culture.

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