Let the children wear health Jiangsu recall PH children all exceed the standard

in the standard of living improved, the majority of parents to meet the needs of children’s clothing, the quality of the style is very important when it can not be ignored! Reporters from the State Quality Inspection Administration of defective product management center was informed that the Jiangsu Sheng Nan Garment Co. Ltd. before the recall March 10, 2016 to April 8th FUTURINO card (FUR16G108) girls dress casual, the number of products affected by the 105. Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Kunshan garment inspection expert Chen Qin pointed out that the pH value of textile fabric residues in the acid and alkali content, is one of the limiting factors affecting human health, health.

it is understood that the dress of the lower body woven fabric PH exceeded, may produce irritation to the skin, endangering the health of the body. Jiangsu Sheng Nan Garment Co. Ltd. in sales outlets (Nanjing business in Longjiang supermarket) issued a recall notice, holding the product to consumers should immediately stop using, and contact the purchase of stores for the return, refund, to eliminate potential safety problems, the resulting mailing costs by the Jiangsu Sheng Nan clothing Limited company to undertake.

in clothing quality testing, the import of brand-name products have also been found over pH value. The national standard GB18401-2010 "national textile product basic safety technical specifications" provisions, and direct contact with the skin of infant textile products the pH value should be controlled at 4 ~ 8.5, non textile products with direct contact to skin pH value should be controlled at 4 ~ 9, if the need for subsequent processing technology, must through the wet processing of non final products the pH value, can be relaxed to 4 ~ 10.5.


reasons, Chen Qin explained some clothing pH value exceed the standard, need to add a variety of clothing dyes and auxiliaries in printing and dyeing and other production processes, if the whole process after rinsing is not sufficient, and did not take measures to neutralize certain, will result in improper pH. Poor fabrics and other factors will cause excessive pH. Normal human skin pH value between 5.5 and 6.5, clothing pH value is too high, beyond the scope of the skin suitable, will lead to the destruction of the natural barrier of the skin, stimulate and corrosive effect, cause skin inflammation, will cause harm to the human body sweat gland system and nervous system etc..

Chen Qin reminded consumers, "according to the division of basic safety technical specifications" national textile products, textile products can be divided into A, B, C three levels of security, namely infants (less than 36 months and shall conform to the requirement of class a) supplies product technology, direct contact with the skin products should conform to the requirement of B products the technology, non direct contact with the skin products should meet the requirements of product technology C class, in the purchase of textile products to see the information in the product label.

wear quality clothes, the majority of parents at the time of purchase, we must carey choose, at the same time to buy home

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