Bohai morning post to provide first hand information for entrepreneurs

talked about entrepreneurship support, most people will be concerned about the government, banks, private business incubator platform, etc., in fact, the media is also a very important business support. Media for entrepreneurs to provide first-hand information on the forefront of entrepreneurship, sharing entrepreneurial experience, to provide all aspects of convenience for entrepreneurs.

6 at the beginning of the month, the Bohai Morning Post Joint Committee of Binhai New Area started "innovation and entrepreneurship   since Nongchao Binhai large public reports, has launched the" information exchange "," about: to tell you the real business two plates, in addition to interpret the depth of each functional area of the new innovation and entrepreneurship support policy, also invited entrepreneurs and readers share the story of entrepreneurship, caused widespread concern. From now on, "innovation and entrepreneurship   Nongchao Binhai" reported in the public has to continue to pay attention to the contents of the plate at the same time, will start a new section "" mission "Dialogue: innovation Binhai forum".

the large public reports since its inception, has launched intensive interpretation of the central business district, development zone, airport economic area and Binhai New Area, the new Tianjin eco city and other functional areas issued a policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, publish the relevant information service at the same time, for new entrepreneurs docking each functional area of the business platform and to obtain the service resources to provide convenience. "Tell: tell you the real business" report launched the plate, so that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who just set foot on the road of entrepreneurship is not only aware of the entrepreneurs are struggling sad, but also get some inspiration and insights. Whether it is difficult to stick to the face, or to promote the perseverance of the product, entrepreneurial story of these positive energy to stimulate the new entrepreneurs.


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