Garden square to create new opportunities for environmental protection market

with the continuous promotion of green environmental protection, green life has long been well known, and compared to the previous, people’s demands for green is getting higher and higher, in the past has been unable to meet the needs of consumer demand! In this case, the family greening popular, and create new business opportunities in the market of environmental protection, park!

is located in Chengdu Chifeng road has a home Gallery, the shopkeeper gave it a lovely name called "green baby". Here is a display of lavender, his fragrance, green dragon lock and other 50 kinds of plants, is out of the ordinary, they are cultivated in two inches to five inches large in small pots. These mini pot shape unique, exquisite chic, very popular with young people.

"green baby" although only "half", but the operating conditions are very good, has a group of "old customers", also added a number of business of the company, group purchase plant Zubai etc.. Miss Zhao said, their gardening workshop is more like a green Club: where to buy the pot in the store’s customers will receive free decorative beads and fertilizer plant; if the "sick", "medical" gardening workshop will provide services; customers can also inquire about the plant maintenance problems by E-mail.

The status of

entrepreneurial threshold: the initial investment of about 40 thousand yuan, mainly including rent, purchase of potted plants and related products, capital investment is not large. Moreover, due to the maintenance of small potted plants rather than cultivation, therefore, the cultivation of plant expertise and storage equipment configuration requirements are not high, the threshold is relatively low.


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