Chengdu college students open shop can enjoy subsidies 10 thousand yuan

for college students, the threshold is low and does not require a wealth of entrepreneurial experience entrepreneurial projects is open shop, which is also suitable for young people to do. Chengdu has also introduced measures to encourage college students to start their own business.

– this year, Sichuan city of Chengdu province and the subordinate district (city) county finance for the first time to set up college graduates subsidy funds included in the annual budget of the

– Chengdu college students and graduates of college graduates in 5 years, open shop in the city area will receive 10 thousand yuan of one-time start-up subsidies

– for college graduates to carry out the electronic commerce activities started Small and micro businesses, given no more than 20 thousand yuan subsidy

– college graduates founded the science and technology enterprises to get angel investment, can apply for the total investment of 10% yuan, the maximum not more than 1 million yuan of funds


– from next year, the city and district (city) County exam time adjustment institutions open recruitment to the year 1 and 4 quarters concentrated, convenient graduates to participate in the examination and occupation selection

to encourage multi-channel employment

students when agricultural occupation manager

"opinions" to encourage multi-channel employment of college graduates, puts forward 4 measures:

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