Closely linked to the theme of the era of visual marketing

marketing is often encountered in our modern life, the essential means of business, but with the changes in the environment, changing the theme of the times, how to better play the marketing card in such an environment?


International Olympic Committee in the selection of the host city, in addition to look at the text of the city’s bid for the material, there is an important work is to watch when the Olympic Games grew up about 5 minutes of promotional films. There is a picture in Zhang Yimou’s 2008 Beijing Olympic bid Promo: Girls Kiss Dalmatians – compared with 1993 China bid Promo man humming the Beijing taste full of music, a bird cage and walk picture.

is just a passing shot, but communication in western culture, which is the effect of visual communication. The picture has the common character that the text does not have.

but has been used in commercial marketing vision is usually classified as category of enterprise tactics, communication skills "skill", not both and positioning, 4C marketing strategy, visual communication is ignored.

positioning theory founder AI? Rees’s successor, Lara? Rees (AI? Rees’s daughter, who had been traveling through Shanghai, Lujiazui, in the face of the car window outside the restaurant signs, she could not understand why the Chinese chain of shops are more inclined to use text instead of patterns?

"Chinese ancient text is hieroglyphs, also has outstanding achievements in the history of art Chinese, Chinese culture is typically more accustomed to thinking of the right culture pattern. Arguably, Chinese consumers should be more likely to be influenced by visual rather than text. Chinese brand to be successful, not only need ‘language nails’ (positioning), but also the need to’ visual hammer’." Lara said with a powerful wave of action. Therefore, her thoughts on "visual hammer" began to form.

The influence of the theory of

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