Analysis of the two major problems of jewelry store management

although many people choose to start a jewelry shop, but because of some of the details of the operation of the wrong understanding, resulting in the operation of the store has been greatly affected. In fact, there are many jewelry shop operators have the following two problems, we take a closer look at it, hope is the business to think about, to help their jewelry store business.

first, the product can not be timely replenishment, the phenomenon of empty cargo

‘s own jewelry store empty, on the shelf to give people the feeling is like a number of samples, some even more, many shelves are empty! In general, such businesses, mostly just joined the franchisee, due to the early capital investment, eager to recover the investment, do not want too much replenishment. If this occurs, the feeling is that the consumer is not close to the shop, so consumers generally do not choose too high-end products.

"if the jewelry shop, I bought something bad how to do? How is responsible for the sale?" The problem will lead to consumers and so on, can’t believe your shop, so do high-end jewelry shop in a month later, will really move, the customer only to your store a sense of trust, you will buy the high-end jewelry shop.

two, not too much jewelry (Tai Gaoduan jewelry too much)

also some jewelry store, it seems that the goods sufficient variety, but if a careful professional people, fast low-cost common consumption accessories, high-end jewelry consumption is not commonly used to slow a lot, but not commonly used high-end jewelry accounted for a large proportion, it is also a manifestation of the stock. For example, the general level of the flying jewelry store, customer price is generally between 10-20, the best course is to take the amount of common accessories.

but some jewelry store, some of the important commodity group 20-30 yuan jewelry too much, not even low priced consumer goods, which is very typical of the alternative out of stock performance. Is the so-called low-cost products, you can ensure that the normal flow of stores, traffic, will promote the development of other businesses, you say it?

a lot of shops in the business are prone to a variety of problems, as long as the business strategy to find the right to deal with these problems, naturally can make the store to get a better operation. Jewelry store in the current has been very common, but also the way to operate jewelry can be seen everywhere, only to get rid of the conventional, do not go traditional, in order to attract more consumers.

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