A good name is to have a good beginning

although there are many entrepreneurs recognize the importance of the shop name, but the degree of attention is not enough, resulting in the name of the shop to do the job is not in place, affecting the development of the entire store late. In fact, any one shop, have a good name is equivalent to have a good beginning.

novice shop first consideration is of course from the shop name began, the name is the most annoying. The name of good personality in order to attract the attention of others, we estimate all don’t know their name, be sure that your mother and father for the things estimated took a lot of twists and turns, so the name is very important. Also opened a clothing store, the name still has a lot of knowledge.

a good name, you can stimulate the consumer’s auditory organs to leave an impression, the association and feelings. Naming is the main body of the trademark, good or bad, will affect the success and failure of the brand. Shop owners must take a good name for their own shop, a good name will attract many consumers to buy goods, which is equivalent to the success of 1/3.

1, many people take the name is according to their own preferences, such as their own preferences and what to eat, or the name of the film, or a fascination with the scenic area, can be placed in its own name, in the play to their imagination to add adjectives, which is relatively simple and common method name of course, this kind of name should not very attractive.

2, the clothing name can according to popular elements may achieve a multiplier effect, according to the most popular words or more fire movie, can also be a very classic song to everyone for having heard it many times, very literary, can take some of the humorous colour.

3, many people love to use homophonic name, this is the usual way of some of the stores, women’s names are mostly available for the pursuit of fashion women, so beautiful names are more popular, such as the beauty of the girls can take a personality ", and English amazing" " aimei" is a homonym, this is by comparison clever homophonic technique, a name English letter is also present a more western style.

to a shop named skills can have a lot of, this small series also makes a systematic introduction, in short, if we want to open a shop, take a proper name will become a very important thing. So, if you are ready to set up shop, you will attach importance to the name of the work?

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