Estee Lauder successful brand not ordinary road


is now a large number of cosmetics brands in the market, but the minds of consumers in the brand is still one of the few. Estee Lauder group to create the brand for countless women chasing. However, this restaurant from the factory to create the first bottle of skin care products companies, whether it really has the power to decay into the magic?.

20, · the beginning of the century, Lauder was born in New York’s Queen Street Italy immigrants block a Hungarian Jewish family. My parents run a hardware store. She is the ninth child in the family.

1930, 20 years old, and in between family and work, choose the former. She married Joseph ·, who fell in love with her for three years, and became Mrs. Lauder on the spot, Mrs. Lauder. After three years of marriage, they had their first child: Leonard.

, later recalled the time, she said: "in my life every day, and all sales related. If >

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