Common venture join risk listing

venture capital market is so hot, many people have begun to heart, want to participate in a cup of soup. But no entrepreneurial experience how to do? It is hoped that by joining the model can be more easily entrepreneurial. Choose to join no problem, but you can open your eyes to identify fraud.

e-commerce store in O2O like a raging fire, hot trend has gradually led recovery, business boom a wave higher than the wave, the number of business one after another, successful high-profile appear on newspapers, magazines and Internet media, to become rich hotshot. Entrepreneurial upstart attitude is eager to do entrepreneurs. Whether it is a college graduate or office workers, whether it is experienced or inexperienced, want to take this banner with the banner of the state with the policy support of the entrepreneurial train, had a boss addiction.

In fact, now part of

a scam: thousands of dollars to have their own company

scam two: quanqian trap

three scam: exaggerating the company name, seemingly regressed high registered capital is recommended

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