Hainan girls were hit to eliminate campus violence

campus violence has been a social issue of concern. Recently, a Hainan girl was hit video online heat transfer, the 15 year old girl was hit during the 4 girls, there are more than girls watched.

16, a young girl was beaten and kicked, clothes video was posted online, the batterer speak Hainan Lingao dialect.

video length of 3 minutes and 29 seconds, reporters from the video to see, is the beginning of the three girls in the beating of a white girl wearing coat, and forcibly stripped of clothing. Then a man dressed in a white dress girl, with four beat, kicked the victim, his mouth constantly shouting in dialect and killed her, too arrogant, until the victim stripped, four is not gas, it is grabbed by the hair kicked the victim. Video also appeared in a number of girls dressed in uniforms around the crowd.

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