Analysis on the development prospect of community food and beverage

maybe you are not very familiar with the catering to the community, but never mind, now together with small understanding of the future development trend of the catering industry, perhaps in the community dining, this is a change to change people’s way of life.

the rise in food and beverage industry in the shoppingmall boom. On the one hand, shopping  mall belong to the comprehensive commercial body, is the focus of consumer demand place, in the food and beverage industry in the case of the general downturn can hold together heating. On the other hand, shppingmall itself in the site and supporting facilities, including other commercial bodies, including catering street, help to reduce the cost of food and beverage businesses, but also to ensure a certain amount of passenger.

and in all stores are in the crush of the strong in the shopping center, belonging to the group of students family sub brand groups but remember to bring to the market a different way to enter the community.

the traditional community catering industry too Trend Micro

the traditional community catering mainly Home Dishes flagship model, a large number of Home Dishes brand relying on the community constructed a large catering network, at the time, the main advantage of these restaurants is to satisfy people’s needs, the original "hunger" in large quantity, affordable for the main business strategy, the high price is the main feature of this kind of community catering brand. From the point of view of the crowd, the main consumer groups in this period mainly 40 years of age above the age of 60, the composition of the population of the early 70, the concept of consumption is relatively traditional, community catering needs to eat mainly. But now, this kind of food demand is decreasing. On the one hand, people’s attitude towards food and beverage is bid farewell to the era of cost-effective first. On the other hand, community residents from the big family gradually into a small family. Traditional community catering format has not enough to meet the current community food changes.

new community dining demand expansion

groups remember play and practice

1, shop thinking

groups is the famous brand family of flesh of a donkey Beijing area, the Beijing dam area stores square meters are more than 1000 square meters. But in the case of the current rent costs are rising, the group gradually realized that the restaurant industry in the store trend. On the one hand shop minus

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