Lattice Burger pilgrims join advantage all over the

we find that since the reform and opening up, the economic integration between countries, Chinese life is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, take the western fast food, fast food supply mode that seems to have been deeply embedded in our lives. One of the founders of Chuanjun cattle grid pilgrims, when young had done various jobs in a fast-food restaurant working experience, so he felt great prospects in Western fast food in Chinese market development, but also feel the bottleneck of the development of the traditional Western fast-food encounter, many young people from the same entrepreneurial dream, Niu Chuanjun to explore more suitable China market business opportunities.

How about

lattice pilgrims Burger

2008 years, the cow with a combination of 15 years of fast food management experience and food nutrition professional background of Tang Zhengyang joint study of Western fast food development of China model. The team visited many fast food and beverage industry giant, learning technology products, their business philosophy, management and operation experience, the two founders in Shanghai Fengxian to build a grid of pilgrims western fast food chain. With the number of new stores continue to spread, the pilgrims gradually completed the brand grid technology and creative transformation, when chasing the young dream of getting into reality. The future, the brand will continue to expand the lattice of pilgrims and delicacy drink field management, to create a more suitable Chinese Western delicacy chain brand.

burger pilgrims join advantage:

1, the pilgrims through self and franchise business for many years the success of accumulation, so the price of pilgrims brand has become a valuable and influential Western fast-food brands. The perfect business model so that franchisees can be directly copied, and with a strong team of lattice brand support rapid promotion of pilgrims restaurant performance.

2, the company to join the strict audit, once determined to join the regional cooperation, join the storefront location, market evaluation personnel can apply to the company to send professional inspect this market assessment and operational planning, effective to assist the franchisee, success rate of more than 95% shop.

3, the pilgrims of many years of successful operation, all stores and stores are the headquarters group procurement, and provide direct supply distribution strong through the self built logistics system, strict quality assurance, while minimizing cost, so that the majority of franchisees enjoy the largest product cost advantage.

4, the franchise will enjoy professional technical training uniform, the franchisee can arrange personnel to the headquarters of Shanghai Zhiyingdian accept the system of technical training and management training, can also apply to the headquarters for sending a senior technical staff door-to-door free training, and provide support in franchise management business operation process, including the decoration engineering support the opening process, support, marketing support, even if there is no investment and franchisee > tube

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