Ji’nan proposed medical support combined with a new mode of providing

old man on the age, how will do? For this problem, many people will know or go home, do you live with children in Shandong, Ji’nan, Shandong province is located in the rehabilitation in the Central District of Ji’nan City, the goodness of retirement home, 80 year old Fan Chuncai is doing leg exercise with the assistance of staff, this is a medical support combined the nursing home, the old people can get 24 hours of care in here.

Ji’nan good nursing home is located at the foot of a mountain in southern Ji’nan, although far away from the city center, but the environment is beautiful, quiet.

this is a collection of pension, health care, teaching, research as a whole, with a combination of medical support for the characteristics of the integrated pension institutions, in March last year, began trial operation." Maintenance area supervisor nurse Guo Lianrong told reporters.

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at present, more than 60 elderly people with dementia, disability, semi self and can not take care of the elderly. More than two months ago to live in the old man Fan Chuncai, get up at 6 in the morning, every day to go to the regular room exercise leg. Leisure time, but also with other old people playing chess, chat. The old man likes plants and the balcony is of flowers and plants. "Life here is much richer than at home, what exercise equipment home."

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is usually the body what small problems, do not have to go to other hospitals, doctors here every day regular visiting." Fan Chuncai told reporters. With the medical support pension institutions with different common family pension is facing the need for specialist care, disease treatment need long-term hospitalization or regular visits to the hospital, will bring to bear the human, economic, time and cost, will bring enormous pressure to the elderly, family, hospital and society.

and these problems, in combination with the health care of nursing homes can be solved. Now, Shandong more than 2 thousand and 600 pension institutions, the establishment of more than 200 medical institutions, clinics, clinics more than 1000." Good nursing home nursing staff Zhao Zhonghong said.

so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable life, will win the recognition of people, so many people concerned about the building of a comfortable nursing home is very important. "Medical support combined" is simply to revitalize the existing health and pension service resources, the combination of modern medical technology and pension services, but this model is also difficult to y promote.

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