How to go out of Wugang characteristics of agricultural products to build a new marketing platform

Internet era, many rural areas of agricultural products and to go out and get a good sales in the consumer market, so as to increase the income of farmers, but the sales of agricultural products still cannot do without a strong platform! Recently, the Hunan Municipal People’s Government of Wugang province and Changsha River West Logistics Center and the center of poverty alleviation precise direct marketing of agricultural products formally signed a contract to build a new platform for the exhibition of local agricultural products in Wugang, to help the local poor people become well-off.

is reported that the West River Logistics Center Planning 10000 acres of land, investment of $20 billion, is approved by the Changsha municipal government building a wholesale market for agricultural products. Among them, 6000 acres of agricultural demonstration base, agricultural products processing base of 1000 acres, agricultural logistics base of 3000 acres.

characteristics of agricultural products how to go out? We can see through the above article reports, Wugang build a new marketing platform, the positive transfer of agricultural products to the market. At the same time, in order to broaden the sales channels of agricultural products in Wugang Province, Wugang city leaders led several times to negotiate with the Hexi logistics center contact, and strive to support. Through unremitting efforts, the center eventually agreed to three years free provide a facade to Wugang for agricultural products exhibition and sales, and for the poverty-stricken areas held once a year in large fairs, assist in the promotion of special agricultural products.

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