From the spread to 2 million of the income of the entrepreneurial life

started from the stall, Chengdu medical student Shi Chao in his sophomore year, he has become a bookstore manager. Although he has not yet graduated, he has earned his first 2 million yuan in his life.

only stall saved nearly 100 thousand

2011 came to Chengdu after college, Shi Chao did not give up their book sales. Shi Chao said: "just entered the University, there are many places need to adapt, so just a while baitaner selling book in the school at the weekend, the scale is very small, do one of my own, slowly saved some money."

imperceptibly, Shi Chao by baitaner, in the second year has accumulated nearly 100 thousand yuan, he opened a bookstore in the application of super plan emerges mind. He recalled his experience: "do independent school is considering the students, so they provide free rent, more than and 80 square meters of the site to me. After the bookstore opened up, popularity is quite prosperous. There is a foreign language college students often come to the bookstore to read, and gradually we have become friends, often share a good book to read. He also told me why I love the bookstore is a book in the store is fine, just pumping one read; second is the bookstore offers free tea, wireless network, reading environment is very good."

by selling books made 2 million

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