Good news Chinese version of Disney Anhui Chaohu in the planning

for the people of Anhui, Hefei, Xiaobian below to introduce you, you can pay attention to the! The first is the "Chinese version of Disney in Chaohu planning, followed by the establishment of digital hospital will be located in the new station and gene treatment base, we understand together below.

Chinese version of Disney in Chaohu planning

Shanghai Disney opening soon, however, the future will rely on the Hefei Chaohu Economic Development Zone, the quality of tourism resources, beautiful natural scenery, with the digital network era animation, game culture as the background, to create one of their own "Disney Chinese".

it is understood that is currently located in Chaohu, a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the next line of animation game experience center project is also looking for investors nationwide. It is reported that the project planning 150 acres of land, plans to build "The Legendary Swordsman, jiuyinzhenjing" China martial arts style animation game line experience center.

In addition to this, at present, Huayi Brothers media has been in hand with the Binhu New District, will invest 4 billion yuan to build Huayi film town project. There will be a lot of Huayi movies, TV shows, in the future there will be anime, mainly some of the people’s consumption, experience, including entertainment items.

digital hospital will be located in the new station

digital hospital, it is not difficult to see, is to make full use of the role of large data in the medical. The new big data hospital, will soon be settled in the provincial capital new district. According to the new station and Trade Development Bureau, in hospital in digital hospital as the core, through the top medical resources integration at home and abroad, the establishment of digital virtual conjoined center, through the construction of intelligence and information, to achieve regional medical service for patients with family doctor – Community Service Center, hospital information sharing.

in other words, the patient to establish a comprehensive personal health records in the database on the Internet, you can make an appointment in hospital doctors, clinical operations all paperless operation, out-patient and in-patient medical records, inspection results and other types of information are kept intact in the hospital database. This digital hospital planning a total of 1000 beds, a construction of about 500 beds.

gene diagnostic base in Hefei will also have

in the field of health, gene therapy is now very fire, is attracting the brightest capital competing investment bureau. Gene therapy is the human normal genes or therapeutic genes into human target cells through a certain way, to correct gene defects or play a role in treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of the treatment of diseases of biomedical technology. Accurate gene sequencing targeted health management services and clinics, will recommend

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