Chengdu attract entrepreneurial personnel stationed up to 50 million financial support

around in order to attract talents in indeed resorted to exhaust all the skills of Chengdu municipal government yesterday, announced the launch of the history of the highest gold content of talent policy, if it is a Nobel Prize winner to entrepreneurs, will give up 50 million yuan subsidy.


comprehensive funding of up to 100 million yuan

"talent introduction of the door, we also launched a trip." Jing Bin said, how to strengthen the coordination, integration of advantageous resources, promote scientific research better in situ conversion of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, seize the commanding heights? "Chengdu talent new ten" made a clear answer, that is: fully integrated by letter, science and technology, human society, finance and other relevant departments of the policy and innovation resources about 5, the annual selection of key personnel (team) project funded comprehensive. The international top talent in the Nobel prize and the world famous Lairong Award for innovation and entrepreneurship, given comprehensive funding up to 50 million yuan; the top team belongs to the national (International) major strategic projects, given comprehensive funding up to 100 million yuan. Jing Bin said that the amount of funding is high, the strength of the large cities in the country’s leading level.

Another problem for

"Bole Award" the highest 200 thousand yuan

"Chollima often, horses do not often. The introduction of talent, how to effectively ‘administrative’ we set up the ‘Bole award’." Jing Bin said, "Chengdu talent new ten" dedicated "Bole Award", in order to fully activate the enterprises, talent intermediary organizations and other types of market players more channels cited before, the highest 200 thousand yuan reward fund.

"Chengdu talent new ten" a substantial increase in the scale of talent development funds and personnel subsidy standards, Chengdu city guide the establishment of a total of not less than 2 billion yuan of special funds for the development of talent, and implement the classification according to the categories and levels of funding, personnel, the introduction of talent will be divided into international recommendation

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