Want to open the brand shoes store to master these skills

brand shoes to join the market fiery, the attention of entrepreneurs. If you want to brand shoes stores, we must first understand some basic skills. How can we keep our stores in a favorable position in the market? Today Xiaobian to give you a few strokes.

and customers to establish emotional ties, the majority of brand shoes franchise stores have ignored the emotional communication with the customer the opportunity, and to focus too much on price. However, low price commitments may be able to cater to the customer’s rational requirements, but can not stimulate their emotional needs. Many brand shoes joined the chain stores have made the mistake of ignoring customer emotion. They only pay attention to the price to attract customers, blindly adjust the cost of the province, not to mention the brand new shoes to join the chain store environment brings joy. On the contrary, the excellent brand shoes to join the chain stores and customers to establish a close, like and trust feeling.


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