What are the disadvantages of traditional chafing dish restaurants

The traditional

Hot pot shop has many disadvantages in operation, so it is modern criticized by consumers, if you want to make new Hot pot shop, consumers do not need to know the love of traditional shops in what ways to find problems to correct one by one, to bring consumers a new look.

1. traditional hot pot shop, no matter how many people are in a pot of fish, who’s chopsticks are in the rinse, so easy to let the bacteria infection. However, the use of a small pot is a pot of a person’s way of eating, eating their own pot, no longer do not clean, health concerns.

2. is a traditional Hot pot Mongolia Hot pot and Sichuan Hot pot, the taste of a single, people already tired, tired to eat. The small pot will be hot pot of soup at the end of the improvement and expansion, the taste will be raised to more than and 10, the customer wants to eat what tastes, what taste, choose more, but also increased the interest of the customer dining.

3. Hot pot of traditional cost is too high, generally a person will not choose to eat, but one of a small Hot pot, even if a person can choose to eat Hot pot, and the price is not high, can be ten to twenty yuan to eat gluttonously.

There are many traditional stores

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