Men’s clothing should pay attention to what point

relative to women, men are more concerned about the quality of the clothes, which naturally requires men’s clothing store needs to do a good job related to the exhibition. However, want to display more satisfactory effect, naturally has more attention. So, men’s clothing should pay attention to what point? Let me see small series of.

in the clothing display, menswear display is the most simple and easy, simple is being displayed without a lot of things, but it can reflect the characteristics of the product; complex because it is in the basic display time should focus on innovation, in order to attract the attention of consumers, but also to reflect its grand and magnificent, noble and elegant. The characteristics of. Men’s clothing in many ways reflects the kind of simple leisure, calm and steady style, we should pay attention to the store display in accordance with the style of clothing and brand culture.

should pay attention to the following basic points in the men’s clothing display:

1. casual wear and formal zoning

for men, a division of major style is mainly leisure style and orthodox style, the partition must be reasonable, it reflects the neat feeling of the atmosphere, if the clothes mixed and placed furnishings, will bring cheap feeling to consumers, damage the brand image. In different seasons, leisure clothing and proper clothes are different according to the location, season and location of appropriate storage container.

2. men’s store to be spacious and clean


store is spacious and clean to consumers feel clean and comfortable luxury, crowded environment bring down shopping atmosphere to the customer in a spacious environment where customers feel free and relax, and watch the customers to choose clothes will be a little more convenient. In the shop where appropriate to engage in a rest area, placed sofa, coffee table and other furniture, to customers with a warm feeling.

3. color, style with a harmonious

this is the focus of store clothing to do, but a lot of shops ignore this detail, and may be related to the professional level of shopping guide. Like some shop display suits, it is easy to forget the collocation shirt and tie, the display color is dark container, if the display of the shirt and tie in suit, not only the contrast of light and shade, bright colors, can also promote additional sales tie and shirt. There are shops, leisure pants placed under a pair of orthodox shoes, this for some customers, they easily lead to the clothing brand ", the brand will feel with special respect" taste, what kind of clothes style in the display when the products of the same style and costume collocation.

Reasonable application of

4. focus location

when the customer enters the shop, the customer >

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