Yiwu students start business apartment

for the majority of young entrepreneurs in the business, when the need to have some good places of business, so that the entire business activities can be carried out smoothly, recently, in Zhejiang Yiwu students started business apartment.

during the National Day holiday, youth apartment tenants reached 40 people. Different from other hotels, young people living in the apartment to start the business, are to visit the market in Yiwu, looking for business opportunities.

filed pioneer youth apartment of the mind, Yang Tao tells the story of his own experience. Now the Yiwu business school student Yang Tao, in the eyes of the teacher is always a restless student, was a freshman, he sold lo, before the night market stalls, do poineering work independently.

"of entrepreneurship are equal, as a bitter, like bear confusion and anxiety." Yang Tao recalled his stall in Yiwu’s three road night market experience, every morning arrive when the hostel has been closed, you can only find a cheap hotel improvise a night, "the demand is not high, there is a bed, can drink water on the line."

"in the tired, there is a place that will be very satisfied. Yiwu so large, so many foreign population, youth apartments should be very market." Once a few nights, Yang Tao awake, my mind has been haunted by the idea.

in May this year, Prime Minister Li Keqiang Yang Tao noticed in a news Zhongguancun Venture Street of 3W coffee. He learned that 3W is not only a coffee shop, but also a business ecosystem services to help guide the dream

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