China’s top ten blood brands list

is perhaps the pressure, perhaps is because of people’s lifestyle is not the law, perhaps because of inadequate nutrition, in short, the blood drug in the current market has a very high popularity, has been a lot of people’s trust. Here, the small series to introduce China’s top ten brands of blood, so that everyone on this market blood products have more understanding.

blood (nourishing) refers to the blood of the drug treatment of blood deficiency. Blood deficiency with pale or sallow complexion, lip a pale, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitations, menstruation or amenorrhea, pale tongue, thin pulse disease.

traditional Chinese medicine treatment of blood deficiency. Nourishing blood. Complementary method. Blood deficiency syndrome is the viscera loss in Ruyang shown due to lack of blood. The blood can make the viscera fully nourishing blood, make the viscera function back to normal. Blood deficiency mainly has blood deficiency and liver blood deficiency, blood nourishing blood and tonifying liver by blood.

Chinese ten blood brand ranking NO.1: Jiuzhitang (in Qing Shunzhi seven years (1650), the Chinese time-honored, renowned market in lvjiaobuxue granule and Rehmannia six, large listed companies, Limited by Share Ltd Jiuzhitang)

China ten blood brand ranking NO.2: Dong’e jiao (founded in 1952, the formulation of national standards for Chinese medicine glue large gelatin product production enterprises, the main Chinese medicine / health / biological medicine, Dong’e E-Jiao Limited by Share Ltd)

China ten blood brand ranking NO.3: the K (founded in 1994, with modern biological technology for the body of the health industry, high-tech enterprises, their hearts K blood agents known as "China blood health experts, hongtaokai Group Limited)

Chinese ten blood brand ranking NO.4: fixed (started in 1995, owns Sidashu / Xiaomishuan / correction card only Dunning spray / yiqiyangxue oral liquid and other famous products market, Jilin Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd)

China ten blood brand ranking NO.5: Tongrentang (started in 1669, the Chinese medicine industry famous time-honored, treasures, national medicine modern pharmaceutical retail / commercial / medical services sector, China Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd.)

Chinese ten blood brand ranking NO.6: Joincare (started in 1992, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, the comprehensive strength of private pharmaceutical group, which owns wife oral liquid / D well-known products, music and other market Joincare Pharmaceutical Group)

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