Month: July 2017

Websites do for users rather than exclusively for search engines

my site Jining real estate network ( on-line in early December 2009, at the beginning of the site, select the program, then buy is bought in advance of the host, domain name. The content is updated every day, and later found the website function is not good, in February 2010 the new revision, in February 28, 2010 officially launched, but as of yesterday, site traffic has exceeded 1000 IP, some joy, but also some dissatisfaction, I do stand to face Jining manufacturers and local users, and one day I a friend talked about search engine problems. read more

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Reading notes great power Terry Gou and Feng Lun

since last winter, due to the progress of product development is very tight, a lot of energy and enthusiasm to go inside. Therefore, the blog update is tired. It’s not really tired, honestly feel the energy is not enough; only a move to move on, calm when less, so the mind can settle down too much less.

so, read some books, from the Ming Dynasty to the experience and thinking, predecessors painstakingly enterprises such as Terry Gou, such as Feng Lun. I hope to draw some power from it, whether it is the power of Feng Lun’s savage growth or Terry Gou’s detail, the power of the devil. Some forces may be the forces of great growth. read more

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The two day jumps from 300 to 3000 P

today I still don’t understand, the online movie station for almost two months, IP was more than more than 800, stable in three hundred or four hundred, but the day before yesterday traffic soared, January 9, 2009 or IP301, PV1316, IP1804, January 10th is yesterday, today, now at nine, IP to 3136, PV8866, joy I wonder ah, this week a busy work, didn’t do what publicity ah, why the sudden increase in traffic so fast ah, I do not see the statistical tool IP source, is not out of order statistics. Has everyone’s website traffic soared over the past few days? read more

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PR yesterday’s update triggered some thinking of the external market chain

yesterday, that is, in July 18th, many webmasters responded to the Google PR update, and surprisingly, the last PR update was only 20 days away. This time the update is someone happy, some people worry, there are ups and fall, and I also have a small station, from PR4 dropped to 3. I wonder if this update is for the June update, or is it true that changes have occurred in the update strategy, specifically we can see it in the next time. Every time the PR update can cause many rebound owners, in the face of this update, I also have some of their own ideas to share with you. read more

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Webmaster should pay attention to the combination of update and promotion

website has to operate and maintain, but do two aspects of work: update and promotion. But the implementation is far from being so easy. Many enterprises in the web site when scaled up, after that Everything will be fine. responsible for site management departments, no one know how to maintain the basic knowledge.

but with the development of network applications, network marketing knowledge is being popularized, more and more people realize that a one or two years no update of the website, and doing a fine but not many people know the website, is a complete waste of resources. "Informatization" originally is not a one-time investment to build a web site is so simple, more important work is that the site after the completion of long-term updates and promotion process. Site maintenance involves resource and cost issues, but the resources and costs needed for most small and medium-sized enterprise site maintenance are not too high as long as it takes time. read more

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What can do to save you my station

because of work reasons, I met a lot of webmaster friends, and they are more chat comparison. Do stand friends know, stationmaster is a special group of Web site optimization is very good but not good at communication, focus on the Internet on the Internet about dynamic of real life sometimes lack of confidence in an encyclopedic mind, want to earn more dollars or even RMB but did not earn will not let them lose confidence, but time is not the law not for nightclubs bar more eager to have their own car house wife child, helpful for the novice can hand mouth not for the other to make friends on the Internet every day, doing the same thing but in order to produce better future fortune… . read more

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Analysis why Yi’s electricity supplier dream early burst

Yi once brilliant everybody is obvious to people, because it is in the field of digital 3C very deep attainments, distribution way fast and efficient, can be said to be an original, won the admiration of many men, especially in the Yangtze River Delta regional fame and voice really may cover all network platform. Although easy to search information, still say 3C products in the industry the national ranking of second, this honor is specious, but everyone is well aware, now it is not the year that it was. It has a splendid slowly past, slowly disappear from our sight, only to find the network electricity supplier figure is really in an instant transfer, a completely different, Renzouchaliang like 00 yo. read more

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Hangzhou to build a variety of platforms to support youth entrepreneurship

young people are mostly positive, many young people have the idea of entrepreneurship, government departments are also strongly support entrepreneurship. Sponsored by the Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Group Committee, Youth Federation of youth under the "inspirational theme recently for hot start, nearly two hundred young entrepreneurs, youth committee and all the outstanding young ring Jinsha Lake run up.

read more

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How to solve the problem of content platform management The answer to the question is this

know almost began trial operation management specification version today, some of the impact on the user experience, disrupting the community order behavior were clear limits, mainly includes six kinds of behavior: induced by vote or attention, repeat the same content, publish frequently published garbled content published outside the chain, malicious deception deceptive marketing, brush to paint like false interaction behavior. Earlier, knowing that these acts have been taken to prevent and deal with, but more technical and operational level, and now clearly written specifications and made public. read more

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Adsense please choose the advertising alliance correctly

in advertising, the key lies in our choice, chosen according to the union of our web site to webmaster is an important link, then we how to choose, how to grasp? The following is my point of view:

first, correct understanding of their website, see what type of website, which is suitable for advertising, and then targeted to choose what type of advertising, advertising has now.

secondly, that’s what I’m talking about, according to my own IP and PV. For IP we choose the course many, like GG, Baidu,, QIHOO, the first video, Ali Mama advertising alliance and so on, but we think carefully, personally feel that Ali mother and GG good, this can bring long-term income, although Ali mother has occurred the situation deduction amount. For PV, the choice is relatively narrow, the first video can be selected, many owners have different attitudes to the alliance, in fact, as long as you try to know, I did the statistics did not say here, so as to avoid adverse effects! Of course, both are not to say what no choice. Do not want to join the Union? Non profit, low flow, low PV station, I suggest not to do any advertising, do not add any alliance, and also want to add good union, I now find that infinite flow union is good, after nearly 4 months, now increased significantly, not here say, interested can go to check that. read more

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