Month: November 2017

Comprehensive analysis of how to combat large stations in Shanghai Longfeng website keyword distribu

do not optimize a keyword in multiple pages, to avoid internal competition, search engines in general, only a page out of the most relevant in the front row. At the same time a page for the three to four keywords optimization; can not be too much, so as to highlight the theme of the page in the page; and planning, targeted;

Pyramid structure

core keywords in the spire, the optimization of three to four keywords, with home page to optimize; core keywords Zhitong Talent Network: recruitment, recruitment network, talent network, on the home page to optimize; read more

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The web site is down right before and after the summary and some suggestions


the original brand keywords, happy happy lottery lottery network, is the first, now devoid of the. Curious students, can be happy on station lottery network 贵族宝贝happycp贵族宝贝, make some guidance, welcome to discuss solutions, and jointly improve the ability to deal with harmonic SE.

no matter what things are very harmonious, this Shanghai, ER and SE is no exception. The follow-up will be launched to restore the site’s record. The best from the

I also checked the website of Links, because before the link no standard, the author of the Links is also moving from the hands and feet, remove the one-way links derived, while adding two related chain. Drop right has been three days, the site is not a very good recovery temporarily, but included in the decline still have. Don’t know how long this protracted war read more

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