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Rocío Gálvez: “Why won’t Levante be second this year”

first_img-Go back to what was your home to measure against Atlético, how do you face the match?-It is a complicated encounter, we face the champion of the First Iberdrola and the situation, both of them and ours, we are looking forward because we have both teams losing both in the Super Cup and in the Copa de la Reina and we have to win , because we play second place. Atlético is a very strong team, it will be a great match.-It is clear that the great incentive is that second position that gives access to the Champions League and today you depend on yourself to get it.-Yes, this year we are very close. We are two points away and whoever wins this match will have all the chances of getting that second place. It is an important game for both teams, they to go a little and we to snatch the second place we are waiting for.– Was the goal at the beginning of the season to achieve that Champions League place?Yes, our goal has always been to get into the Champions League. Levante has been in third position for many years and we must give a plus. Achieving the Champions League is a goal we had from the start.-How is the costumes after the eliminations in Super Cup and Queen’s Cup?-We are a bit screwed … losing the Super Cup and the Cup in four days is not easy for a team. We know how to recover and we know that on Sunday there is an important game and we will win very well. We are a little touched, but knowing that we have to recover as soon as possible because we have an important game.-Once Sevilla was the executioner, do you have that account pending with the Hispanics?-The thorn we have to take it off. This year may not be, but next year hopefully we can take it off next year in the Cup against Sevilla.– Do you make more dangerous the fact of only being able to opt for Champions?-Yes, it makes us stronger, although it has been a fat stick. We are an ambitious team and we want second place, it is the objective. We have our heads on the game and we just want to win and win to get that place.-Al Levante in recent years is costing the big win, but on Sunday they will meet one of the worst Athletics in recent years.-Even though he is the worst in recent years, he is the current champion of the First Iberdrola and Atlético is never considered dead. Every year they have been Barça and Atleti and this year why it will not be the second Levante. It would be a blow at the table and show that Levante can also be between the two best in the league.– It makes him more dangerous to the Athletic one that can only fight by that second position? -Yes, we are in the same situation, we have to fight for that second place and we have to give everything and recover to play the game. They are very dangerous, they have a great team, they will go for the game.-In the first round, Atlético took the game 0-1.-It was a fucked up defeat, because we made a great game, we knew how to dominate him and in the end we have to try to make the mistakes they have in the goal and defend them to death because they are very dangerous. You have to put those opportunities.-This summer went from Betis to Levante, how are you in Valencia?Very well, I am improving individually and collectively, it has been a big leap in the professional and it suits me very well to improve what I needed to aspire to what I have always wanted.-What is it that you have always wanted?-Be absolute international, maintain the level and play a World Cup and European. I had to make that leap, Betis is a great team but in the end Levante takes one more step and had to give it-Mary Pry is blindly trusting you and is getting along perfectly with Ivana.-María and I have known each other for many years. I understand very well with Ivana. Not only Ivana, also Guti and Ruth make us both better to get to the weekends. That Pry bet on us is essential.– He speaks of arriving at the Absolute Selection, for the moment he goes with the Promises and sometime – Vilda has called him for training, what is clear is that his name is on the table of the coach …-Yes, they are betting on me. In the promises I go and in the end the calls will arrive. I am never in a hurry to arrive, it always comes from work, work is always above, when that call comes because it will come-In the Levante you have found many young players of those lower categories that have given so many joys.-We know each other from lower categories and it is a good sign that those that come can reach First. It is good for Spanish football that we are there and both outside, they also make a good team and improve the league and improve us. It is good for Spanish football and for all.-It seems that the agreement is getting closer every day, how do the players live this negotiation in which the most affected are you, the players?– One thing or another is said but no agreement is reached. The harmed ones are us and women’s football and that everyone already reaches an agreement, the agreement is signed because the players are looking forward to it. It is a signature and that the agreement we are waiting for is signed.-And that you only talk about football again …-To talk about football and enjoy what we do many years ago. We expect a signature and that everything is fine and we can be calm and not have to stop and strike or anything.last_img read more

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