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Do lunch crowds really keep Apopka from having better restaurant options?

first_img Maxine 8 COMMENTS TAGSOpinionrestaurantsTasting Apopka Previous articleBlack Friday marketing tricks and four ways to stop yourself from falling for themNext article5 Best Deals to Shop This Weekend Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Madge Free webinar for job seekers on best interview answers, hosted by Goodwill June 11 Support conservation and fish with NEW Florida specialty license plate I Wsh that there was more places in Apopka for shopping and dining but it seems to me that this city is only interested in developing the east side to town. When you drive from 429 connection rd down towards Main Street, it’s endless buy here pay here car lots, abandoned warehouse buildings, hotels that need serious renovations, homeless people and vacant land. There is no plans for Sunrail or a College in Apopka. This city does not need another fast food restaurant or dollar store, we want places like Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Target, Five Guys, Whole Foods, Starbucks. November 29, 2019 at 12:10 pm LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply I have lived in Apopka on and off since 1995 and now after retiring from a federal position in DC I’m back. The city does need a center similar to Winter Park. What I miss most about DC are the sole proprietorship restaurants each with their own specialty. Also entertainment for mature adults jazz and RB clubs good food and networking. I may be retired but I’m not dead and I’m not a theme park junkie. So let’s grow Apopka! Please enter your comment! OpinionBy Tasting ApopkaEditor’s Note – Tasting Apopka is a local Facebook page dedicated to critiquing and promoting Apopka restaurants. In this op/ed, they challenge the notion that Apopka’s restaurant choices are limited because of the lack of a consistent weekday lunch crowd. We thank Tasting Apopka for allowing The Apopka Voice to publish its recent post. So I had an opportunity to be part of a discussion in regards to growing a community the right way and Apopka was brought up. It was stated that the reason behind the slow progression in restaurants seeking out Apopka is due to no market for a lunch crowd. Meaning because the majority of working-class Apopkans work outside of Apopka and therefore there is no lunch crowd to sustain a business. I hear that I get that and I even understand that, but there are several examples that buck that trend.And since we are talking lunch crowds.1. Chili’s East & West Apopka2. Something Fishy3. Chuck Wagon4. Porkies5. Bubbalou’s6. Fancy Q Sushi7. Tijuana Flats East & West8. Victorio’s9. The Catfish Place10. Gators11. Beef O’Brady’s12. Froggers13. Cafe PositanoThe above 13 restaurants are just to name a few of eateries that have been in Apopka a long while or recent but have negated the notion of a lunch crowd is needed to succeed. Not to mention IHOP, Denny’s, Fuddruckers, Pizza 1905 and the Southern Deli.So I visited a town very similar to Apopka in many ways and yet they are flourishing. See the comparisonApopka is 34 square miles. This town is 11.Both towns are near a major metropolitan city with Apopka being closer to Orlando than this other town by at least 20 minutes.• Both towns were former farm communities.• Both towns have had an influx of new housing developments (some say too many) with no road infrastructure to support the growth.• Both towns have had a new toll road built with exits to and from this town.• Apopka currently has two soon to be three major hotel brands, the other town had one but a second just opened recently.• Both towns have overcrowded schools.• The median income for Apopka is 60k. This other town’s median income is 87k.• The population for Apopka is about 50k. The population for the other town is 21K (the population gap kind of averages out the median income)• Both towns have a historic downtown area with small shops but not like Mount Dora.• Both towns have way too many dollar stores.• The other town doesn’t have as many fast-food restaurants as Apopka.• Both towns struggled during the recession.• Both towns are without a town center.The other town, instead of creating a town center, decided to go with an area HUB. They decided to fix up their downtown area to renovate the dated look but keep its historical look. Once the city committed to their renovation plans and announced it, the movie theater opened, then Kohl’s, several retail stores, Cha ic-Fil-A, new supermarket, a new hotel, more restaurants and other businesses opened up too.So their HUB is more like Winter Garden Village. From 12 to 3 in the afternoon this town in my opinion is dead. Yes you have your older crowds, your stay at home parents, work from home crowds and those just passing through that stop in for a bite to eat.BUT AFTER 5PM The residents return home, they go to the movies, they shop and they go out to eat. So what they lack for lunch they make up for in dinner and of course the weekends. So the notion of the no lunch crowd deterrent or rather lack of a lunch crowd myth, in my opinion, doesn’t hold water. (My cousin Vinny)I believe I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you build it they will come.I drove through downtown Ocoee yesterday and I was amazed at what they’ve done and how they renovated the streets, sidewalks, landscape fixed up there city hall and other areas and it really looks NICE from the last time i drove through, I noticed a small brewery has opened up, a new bbq spot and from my understanding there is more to come.I believe Ocoee is on the right track, this other town (let’s call it Akpopa the doppelganger of Apopka) is also on the right track but invested in there town and the businesses showed up to plant a seed and invested into that same town. The people are happy they don’t have to drive out of town to spend money and they spend it locally. To me it just makes sense. I just see this same formula working elsewhere in like-manner cities like Apopka.Why not Apopka?But until the city puts out the commitment to change, announce the renovations and innovation plans that Apopka is open for business no one will ever know about it and we are doomed to repeat and allow people to think we have no vision and all we want is fast food.Leave Zaxby’s alone. The city needs to hold a press conference about the new plans for Apopka, artist renderings, social media, and PUT THE WORD OUT that we are moving forward.The reason I say this is near the hospital they were supposed to open a big box store or plaza by Marden Apartments. The owner is now saying the market isn’t looking good for this area and he’s not sure what he’s going to do with it now. I remember when Marden Apartments was announced before the hospital was built and the hope was that businesses will build around it.I personally feel if they still build it it would be successful especially right off 414 and not to mention in and out. Please enter your name here Yes this is exactly how I feel lets get going Apopka.Adult jazz and R&B clubs would really make a difference with restaurants. Clothing stores closer than up 436 like on west side.Marden road I feel would be an awesome location. November 30, 2019 at 4:53 pm January 14, 2020 at 9:33 pm November 29, 2019 at 4:24 pm Reply Reply December 1, 2019 at 9:58 am Diana Saundra Santana Jaimecenter_img Reply And we want to keep the nurseries; makes Apopka special! You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here The Anatomy of Fear Reply Reply Reply Reply Nate Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Perhaps another factor would be, there are still many plant nurseries/greenhouses in Apopka and some only get 30 minutes for lunch and that makes it impossible to go anywhere for lunch. Constance D Harrison December 21, 2019 at 5:22 pm As someone who is in their 30’s with disposable income whom drives all over Central Florida as part of their job, Apopka is dated. It’s lack of community spaces and decrepit “historical” buildings do nothing to make residents want to longer in town. I would rather spend my time in Downtown Winter Garden or even Eatonville if I want to enjoy strolling amongst local businesses. I do have to say that Fancy Q Sushi is one of the few establishments I thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to dine in Apopka. Joe We are a young family in Apopka and we often find ourselves driving to Lake Mary, Orlando, and Winter Garden for healthier food options. We love places like Fresh Kitchen and FirstWatch and Specialty Pizza (which uses slightly healthier ingredients). There is so much potential in Apopka and we love it here and hope to stay here for a long time so it really would be nice to see to stop having to drive to Lake Mary or Winter Garden. We are so excited for Lucky’s Market and love Tacos Don Pepe. I think we need to bring more independent restaurants, shops and coffee places to the areas near the West Orange trail. It also couldn’t hurt to advocate for better magnet programs for our Public Schools like the IB programs which have helped schools like Seminole High School and Winter Park High School. December 1, 2019 at 6:14 am Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Reply My wife and I just moved to Apopka in one of the newly developed areas and coming from college Park we’re really disappointed with the lack of restaurants and activities in close vicinity. We’re a young couple and have disposable income that we would love to spend in our home town but constantly find ourselves traveling to Winter garden or into Orlando for the objectively better options. PLEASE grow an area like downtown Winter garden, we would love it! December 1, 2019 at 7:37 amlast_img read more

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On Speaking, Thinking, and the Future of Democracy

first_imgJOHN BREDIN To the Editor:Kudos to Sean Parker and Chamath Palihapitiya, two social media bigwigs who just blew the whistle on how their industry is destroying society. They ought to be short-listed for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.So, as it turns out, it really is both unhealthy and bizarre that a large percentage of our population now drifts through the day in a computerized trance, like electronic sheep tethered to their devices—counting dopamine-inducing “likes” for a cheap high (a new kind of drug-addict)—while ignoring the awe, wonder, and beauty of actual life; which includes conversations with, um, actual people….remember them?Having taught English at both the high school and college levels since 1997, I’ve had a front row seat for the great “erosion of conversation” in America. If I had a dollar for every student I reminded to turn off their Smartphone in class, to better engage in the joy of real conversation, I’d be a rich man today.Worth more than my measly teacher salary ever paid me not only does poor conversational skills lead to an increase in personal boredom, social isolation, and a sense of alienation or atomization that destroys community (David Brooks has been excellent on this lately), it also paves the way for tyranny. Makes sense, right? If citizens can’t discuss political problems in a calm and rational manner, and without demonizing the other as “Trumpian” or “Liberal,” how can we explore solutions to these problems?Also crucial is the fascinating link between conversation and thinking. Socrates was onto this with his “dialogic method,” but the modern field of cognitive psychology went even further. Created by scholars like Frank Smith (a fierce critic of our testing-obsessed education system) and Jerome Bruner, who discovered that human beings think best in terms of stories, the work of cognitive psychologists needs to be paid more attention to.First, though, we need to shift education away from its current, shallow marketing orientation—of producing better technocrats for the global economy—to one that nurtures more humane, thoughtful, peace-loving citizens. As a first step in this direction, the link between education and democracy (which nobody talks about these days but which seemed obvious to Thomas Jefferson and John Dewey) ought to be known more broadly by the general public.To help this process along, my wife and I created a nonprofit TV show, “Public Voice Salon,” that cares less about pundits and celebrities than artists and thinkers whose ideas could change the world. This year we featured the anti-nuclear activist Alice Slater, who seeks to abolish all nuclear weapons, and Nel Noddings, a philosopher known for her pioneering “theory of care” in education.It might also be time to gather together, in cafes and bookstores and civic spaces, and even in our homes—shutting off our smart (dumb?) phones—to practice the sacred, ancient, democracy-saving art of conversation. Reactions to this letter are welcome at [email protected] last_img read more

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Mourinho embraces festive fixtures

first_img Press Association Jose Mourinho knows Chelsea’s players need to embrace the beautiful but inhuman Christmas period if this season is to be a success. Mourinho scoffed at suggestions the title race was all but over, especially given Saturday’s visit of West Brom begins a hectic run of eight matches in 24 days. “The mental aspect of it is fundamental,” the Portuguese said of the upcoming fixture pile-up. “You [cannot] do it thinking ‘at this moment I should be having Christmas with my family in Portugal, Brazil, France or wherever’ or ‘the guys in Spain are on holiday’ or ‘the guys from Germany are on beautiful islands getting the sun’. “If you do it with that perspective, then you can’t do it because the mental aspect is the most important one. I think you have to do it happy, like I do. Happy. “Would I like a Christmas in Portugal? Yes, but there is a lot of positive things. “Give to the people what they want: the Boxing Day full of kids, ladies, families – people happy to have football. “I think all you are doing if you feel it in a positive way, it makes you happy. If you’re happy, it’s not so difficult to do.” Mourinho believes this is a period in which “players become artists”, with the world’s focus on English football something to relish. However, there are those that have struggled to adapt and there certainly appeared to be a correlation last year between the cold snap and Oscar’s form dropping. Mourinho does not expect such issues this time around, though, given the ever-improving attacking midfielder has kicked on markedly. “I think he’s better at every level,” Mourinho said. “But, again, what we’re going to do now in December is beautiful, but it’s not human. “It’s normal that, not just Oscar, all the Oscars in this country, it’s normal that they will all suffer. “It is not easy, especially the 26th and 28th [of December]. That’s hard. “His coach in Brazil, Dunga, is here today and shares with me the same vision as me. “He recognises Oscar has reached a different level in his game and also in his personality. His intention is always to improve. “Is he the kind of kid who can play 12 times in one month? I don’t think so. “But that we analyse the situation, we have other options, other players who can play in his position and his rest will obviously arrive to make sure we don’t overload him with minutes of football.” Managing Oscar and his team-mates intelligently could mean Chelsea enter the new year with an even tighter stranglehold on the title. The Blues already boast an eight-point lead on last year’s champions, Manchester City, while there is a four-point cushion on Southampton in second. Mourinho considers Ronald Koeman’s side serious contenders but knows it is much harder to chase a side down than to sit at the top. “We don’t have pressure to lead,” the Portuguese said. “The pressure is for the ones who are coming from behind. “I always felt the pressure when I was behind, not when I was on the top and I’ve always been competing for titles in my career. “To be first is easier than to be second. If you’re first, you think just about yourself. If you’re second, you have to think about yourselves and your opponents. It’s much easier to be first than second.” Things have proved a cakewalk for the Blues so far this season, with their fine start to the campaign complemented by their traditional rivals faltering. One bookmaker has already paid out on the west Londoners winning the title, having seen them collect 29 points from their opening 11 matches – a haul only twice bettered in Premier League history. last_img read more

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