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SDCC Starts with a Titans Trailer Batwoman Casting News More DC News

first_imgDC NEWS NUGGET: Frances McDormand passed on playing Joaquin Phoenix’s mom in Todd Phillip’s UNTITLED JOKER ORIGIN movie. They want a name for the mom.— Umberto Gonzalez @ SDCC (@elmayimbe) July 14, 2018That means the Joker’s mother will figure heavily into the plot. I’m still not sure we really need to know the Joker’s origin story. Part of what makes the character so intriguing and scary is how little we know about him. But hey, in the comics, there are three Jokers now, so there’s no reason the DCEU can’t be the same. Most importantly though, we have a title and a release date for the upcoming film, per The Hollywood Reporter.The film will be titled, simply enough, Joker, and we won’t be waiting too long to see it. Joker is set to release on October 4, 2019. Interestingly, the show will also have a much smaller budget than we’re used to seeing from the DCEU, at only $55 million. It’s a sign that it will be less special effects-focused, and probably be more atmospheric and character-driven. It might even make for a better movie than a higher budget would allow. We’ll know for sure in a little more than a year. Maybe we’ll find out which of those scar stories from The Dark Knight was true.That’s probably all we’re going to get from Joker this season, but there’s definitely going to be a ton of new information about Aquaman and Shazam!. The big Warner Bros. Hall H panel isn’t until Saturday, but attendees can get an up-close look at the costumes from both movies on the show floor. IGN reports that Aquaman’s, Mera’s, Shazam’s, and Billy Batson’s costumes are all on display.via IGNFirst, there’s Aquaman’s costume. We already knew basically what he’d look like, but it’s cool to see an up-close photo of the whole outfit. We haven’t seen the helmet yet, either. I like the Roman-inspired look to it.via IGNNext, there’s Mera’s costume, worn by Amber Herd in the film. On its own, it looks like a fairly standard superheroine costume, but you can’t deny they colors are beautiful. It probably looks amazing during the underwater scenes. Hopefully, she gets to join the fight at some point during this movie.via IGNAnd finally, here’s Shazam! and Billy’s costumes. I continue to love the look of this movie. It’s bright and colorful and just the right amount of campy. And yes, it looks like the lightning bolt actually lights up. Perfect. I can’t wait to see how it looks in action (hopefully) later this weekend. DC Universe, the DC standalone streaming and comics service is coming. Most of us aren’t super psyched about the prospect of yet another monthly subscription. DC knows it’s going to have to have something special to get our credit card numbers out of us. Access to back issues of comics was a good start, and now we have our first look at the service’s original programming. DC kicked off San Diego Comic Con this morning with the first trailer for the Greg Berlanti-produced Titans. You can definitely tell it shares a producer with the Arrowverse shows, but even in the trailer, this series goes to some very non-CW places.Yeah, this isn’t airing on network TV at 8 pm. Online streaming services let TV shows do pretty much whatever they want, and Titans is clearly taking advantage. Even when it gets really silly, like how the trailer goes out of its way for the F-bomb. It lets you know this show isn’t the kid-friendly fare we’re used to from DC television, but it’s trying so hard to be edgy. I was on board with the tone and look of this show from the moment the trailer started. The otherworldly nightmare scene, Raven’s costume and powers, the noir-ish lighting of Gotham city… all great. Then Robin says “Fuck Batman!” the way a surly teen might say “you’re not my real dad!” before slamming his door and blasting My Chemical Romance.And to be fair, Robin is an angry teen. Despite the name just being Titans, this show is still very much about the Teen Titans. It’s just that the rest of the trailer does such a good job of communicating the tone. It’s a darker, spookier superhero show, and that well-crafted mood is ever so slightly undercut by the moment of performative teen angst. Overall though, I’m really into the way this show looks. That first image of Starfire in costume may have worried some fans, but she looks fine with all the lighting and special effects in place. All the Titans look great. We also get a look at some action that’s a lot bloodier and more brutal than the Arrowverse fare.Basically all you need to know about DC Universe’s #Titans pic.twitter.com/Mdg5xiprW2— Alex Zalben (@azalben) July 19, 2018As a first trailer, it did its job. I want to see more, and I hope there’s more footage coming from Comic Con this weekend. Either way, it looks like my bank account will be taking yet another monthly hit once Titans premieres on DC Universe this fall.Over on the CW, we already knew a Batwoman TV series was in the works. If it’s picked up, it’ll be the first live-action superhero series to have a gay character in the title role. Since Batwoman will make her debut in the annual Arrowverse crossover this fall though, casting is already getting started. TV Line reports that the producers are looking to cast a lesbian actor in the role. That’s a very good sign as it shows that the people behind this series, especially showrunner Caroline Dries of Vampire Diaries fame, really care about representation. At this early stage, they making sure the portrayal rings true.Also interesting is that they specify an open ethnicity for the role. It’s cool that they’re not overly concerned with matching the race of the character in the comics. Because that’s the beauty of superheroes. Anyone can be under the mask. As long as whoever they cast can give a truthful performance as the DC superhero, it doesn’t matter what they look like. Plus, outside Black Lightning, the Arrowverse is still a pretty white place. It could probably stand to have more heroes of color around.Over on the movie side of the DC universe, we’re unlikely to hear much about the upcoming Joker origin movie this weekend. As it hasn’t started filming, there’s not much Warner Bros. can show that wouldn’t get drowned out in all the other announcements. We know Joaquin Phoenix will play The Joker, which… yes. Good. He’s a talented actor, and I’ll take just about anyone over Jared Leto. We also know, thanks to The Wrap‘s Umberto Gonzalez, that they are looking to cast a big name to play The Joker’s mother, and that Frances McDormand turned the role down. 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