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The Flash Midseason Finale Was a Slower Sweeter Christmas Special

first_img Still feeling the effects of last week’s crossover, The Flash takes a page out of Arrow‘s book by starting us off with a crossover. Four years ago, Julian was on an archaeological expedition in India. He writes in his journal about hearing a strange voice before someone comes to his tent saying they’ve found something. They lead Julian to a stone box. When he opens it, a blue light comes out, and we cut to the present.The team at S.T.A.R. Labs is preparing for Christmas while they research Savitar. Cisco briefly sees Dante, his dead brother walking around, but shakes it off to pursue a hunch. Cisco finds an old paper written by Julian regarding an ancient Hindu weapon that looks a lot like Alchemy’s jewel. Barry heads to his old office at the police department to ask Julian about the stone. Julian says he was researching something known as the Philosopher’s Stone. His research took him to India, but he never found it. Julian begins acting strange when Barry asks if he’s come across the name Savitar. All he says, though, is that Savitar was the first speedster. He shoves Barry away before Savitar calls him to take out his Alchemy suit.Deciding he needs more information, he universe-hops over to Earth-3. After helping Jay Garrick take care of his version of The Trickster, he asks about Savitar. He learns that Savitar was not only the first speedster but also the fastest and most powerful. Jay tells Barry that all this information comes from speed-force myths and legends. Barry is the first to have actually seen Savitar, which means he’s grown powerful enough to become a threat. Jay says Savitar sent alchemy to begin everyone powers to prepare for a battle with Barry. Garrick stays in Earth-1 to help.Mark Hamill returns as The Trickster in Jay Garrick’s (John Wesley Shipp) universe. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)H.R. is helping Wally train in secret, and Wally is getting good. He’s progressing faster than Barry did. Wally wants to tell everyone he’s ready to become a superhero, but H.R. asks him to keep it a secret. Back at the lab, Barry isn’t having any luck finding information about Savitar and Jay convinces him to pay more attention to the present, particularly his girlfriend. Barry takes the advice, and Iris mentions that she looked into Julian’s archaeological dig and found that he may have been covering something up. When Barry tells the team that Julian may be connected to Alchemy, Cisco narrows down a possible location. Wally immediately tells everyone about his training and asks to go along.Jay and Barry interrupt Alchemy’s plan to amplify the Philosopher’s Stone’s power. Savitar appears, and Jay fights him while Barry grabs the stone. Jay gets the absolute crap kicked out of him in a fight scene featuring some cheap-looking CGI. Barry beats up Alchemy fairly easily and takes the stone. With Alchemy unconscious, he removes the mask and sees Julian’s face underneath. He takes Julian to S.T.A.R. Lab, locks him up in a cell and asks him about Alchemy. Julian insists he isn’t Alchemy, that he’s never seen the mask before. When he accuses The Flash of trying to frame him, Barry leaves him in the cell to check on Jay’s recovery.Cisco and Caitlin are checking out the box that holds the Philosopher’s Stone and has found out the box gives off no readings. By all their measurements, it doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, after an argument with Wally and H.R., Joe says something that gives Barry an idea. He returns to Julian and asks if he’s been blacking out and losing time. Julian initially doesn’t want to tell him anything, so The Flash takes off his mask, revealing his identity. He asks Julian to trust him and Julian tells him all about his blackouts. He tells Barry his sister died years ago. One night, after she died, he saw her. She told him about the Philosopher’s Stone and where to find it. He funded the expedition to India and found the stone. He reveals that when he found it, he blacked out for the first time. When he woke up back in his hotel room, everyone else on his expedition was dead.Cisco (Carlos Valdes) lets Savitar into the lab. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Cisco has a similar experience. Dante comes to him and tells him to open the box and take out the stone. Dante promises that the stone can bring him back to life. Cisco does, Dante disappears, and Savitar appears behind him. Barry runs to save him, and Savitar starts throwing him around the labs. Wally runs to help, distracting Savitar long enough to save Barry’s life. Savitar is about to kill both of them, but Caitlin convinces Cisco to close the box. Once he does, Savitar disappears.The experience gives Cisco an idea. He figures out that Alchemy doesn’t exist. It’s really Savitar possessing Julian so that he can recruit an army of followers. The team hooks Julian’s brain up to the box, allowing them to speak directly with Savitar. Savitar seems to know all of them and their futures. He says one will betray the group; one will die and one will suffer something worse. He says the future-Barry trapped Savitar in eternity, and now he’s out for revenge. After bringing Julian out of his trance, Jay comes up with a plan to get rid of Savitar forever. He and Barry run as fast as they can, opening a portal to the speed-force and chucking the box in.Barry succeeds, but he’s transported five months into the future. He hears his own voice scream and runs to see what’s going on. He finds Savitar holding Iris in front of his future-self. Savitar says “you lose” and stabs Iris through the chest. Jay grabs our Barry and brings him back to the present. Barry asks Jay if all that was actually going to happen. Jay says he doesn’t know, but the future isn’t written yet. Jay tells Barry to focus on what’s going on right now, rather than desperately try to prevent the future he saw. Jay returns to Earth-3, and everyone decides to celebrate Christmas together. They invite Julian along, but he says he’d rather be alone.The future doesn’t look good for Iris (Candice Patton). (Photo: Screenshot via CW)At the West house, Cisco laments that it’s raining on Christmas and thanks to Caitlin for talking him into closing the box. H.R., Barry, and Joe give Wally a present: a superhero uniform. Wally West is now kid flash. Julian shows up, not wanting to be alone on Christmas anymore. He says he’s convinced the captain not to put Barry’s resignation through and offers to share the crime lab again. When some carolers show up in the rain, Caitlin uses her ice powers to make it snow. Barry shows Iris his present to her: an apartment. He signed a lease on a new place and gave her a key, telling her he wants to spend every moment he can with her. It’s cheesy, but what else do you want from a Christmas special?This episode was not the most exciting of the season, but it succeeded in being a fun, sweet holiday send-off. The Barry-Iris relationship moved forward, Wally is finally a superhero, and we learned more about Savitar. It moved the story along and ended in a good place for a holiday break.That said, Wally’s story wrapped up a little too easily, and after last week’s giant crossover, the slower pace was a bit of a letdown. But hey, at least one show this season ends its first half on a positive note. At least it’s not another cliffhanger. Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019’The Flash’ Season 5 Finale Recap: 2 Big Bads and 1 Pre-Crisis Stay on targetlast_img read more

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